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Employers Protection Plus

Our insurance backed service, called Employers Protection Plus, will protect you against the costs of tribunal action

What is Employers Protection Plus (EPP)?

EPP is an insurance solution for employers who want to protect their business in the event that they are taken to an employment tribunal by an employee for any reason whilst under the employment law guidance of an internal HR Specialist or an external HR & Employment Law Advisor.  In any event, it is good to know that an employment tribunal claim will be fully covered including costs and awards made against you for the foreseeable future.

EPP has been designed to give employers a safety blanket in the event that they receive an ET1 tribunal claim from a current or past employee.


What tribunal action will I be protected against?

Employees may make an employment-related tribunal claim over many issues, such as:

●  Unfair dismissal

●  Redundancy - includes pay, unfair selection, genuine redundancy, unfair process, discrimination

●  Discrimination on the grounds of gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marriage, civil partnership, disability, race, age, religious belief or political opinion

●  Breach of contract

●  Working hours

●  Unauthorised deductions from wages

●  Written statement of terms and conditions

●  Failure to inform and consult in a redundancy or business transfer situation

●  Equal pay

●  Whistle blowing


What does the insurance policy cover?

This policy covers Employment Tribunal Claims and pays:

●  Your own adviser’s costs

●  An award made by an Employment Tribunal against you

●  A settlement with an employee following receipt of an ET1 and before reaching tribunal

●  Limit of indemnity of either £50,000 or £100,000 for any one event and £500,000 in all to cover costs, fees, settlements and/or awards

●  Policy covers pursuit of an employee or former employee who is in breach of a contractual restrictive covenant

●  Your relationship is direct with Engage and your policy premium is adapted to you


What is the cost of cover?

EPP premiums are extremely competitive and will depend on your total wage roll and limit of indemnity selected.

For more information, you can download the brochure here.

The EPP product is offered through Engage Specialty Limited. WorkPlace HR are not able to provide any advice on insurance products.

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